Yogyakarta Fortress

Yogyakarta Fortress (Indonesia)

Yogyakarta Fortress Museum
Vredeburg Fortress in Yogyakarta. Once a Dutch fortress, now a museum.


Yogyakarta is a special region in Java (geographically Central Java, but it’s a separate province). Vredeburg Fortress (Benteng Vredeburg) is in the front of Sultan palace (kraton) in Yogyakarta, near the Malioboro street.


Photo taken on 30th June 2013.

What else?

  • A visit to kraton will give you a chance to see a different part of Javanese culture every day. Just don’t believe the guys around the palace who will claim ‘it’s closed today’ and offer a rickshaw trip to see batik, etc.
  • Shopping on the Malioboro street, one of the “icons” of Yogyakarta.

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