Wronki: Terra Incognita (Poland)


This is the official music video for the song Nieodkryty ląd (Undiscovered Land, aka Terra Incognita) by Marta Podulka. She got 3rd place in 4th season of Mam talent (Got talent). If you want to feel like Marta Podulka, it’s easy to do. You can travel on the same boat 7 days a week, reservation needed, prices start from 15 zł (around 4€/4$) per person.


The video was recorded on 1st July 2013.


The video was recorded in Wronki municipality (Szamotuły county in Wielkopolska Province), 55 km from Poznań (around 50 mins by train). The boat travels on Warta river.

What else

  • Lake Radziszewskie in Wronki municipality (with attractions for tourists).
  • Hiking trails to Notecka Forest (Puszcza Notecka). The forest have dunes, ribbon lakes and several nature reserves (for example for birds), not necessarily accessible from Wronki region. The forest is a great place for mushroom hunting.
  • Palaces, castles, churches in the town and county.
  • 19th century prison, based on the most modern USA prison at that time. You can only see the outside, as it’s still serving as a prison, the biggest in Poland.
  • Read more on attractions in Szamotuły county (in English, German and Polish).

Would you like to go for such a boat ride?

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