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Winter Travel 2018: Croatia

Winter, again (I love that Glay’s song, btw), so it’s my time for annual winter travel.

Winter Travel

Unlike other people who travel to warm climate places in winter, I travel to other cold climate places. In 2017 I went to Prague (Czech), in 2016 – to Vilnius and Riga.

So, for winter travel 2018 my destination is Rijeka, Croatia. I’m going there by bus and trains, with stops in Wien and Ljubljana. And now, I’m looking for suggestions.

Rijeka, Croatia

My final destination. I’m interested in seeing the International Carnival Parade (and zvončari) in Rijeka on 11th February. I’ll spend two nights in Rijeka, but it’ll be more like 1,5 day for sightseeing (including the parade day).

If you have any suggestions what to do in Rijeka or somewhere close by (with public transport), I’ll be happy to hear them! Parks, streets, and outstanding architecture always welcome.

I have read a bit about LGBT clubs in Rijeka, so I’d like to visit one. Have you visited any of them? Do you have some other recommendations?


Ljubljana, Slovenia

I’ll be there in transit, going by train from Wien, Austria. I’ll have just enough time to go to the Old Town, walk there a bit and that’s all. But I’m looking for suggestions on what should I eat/drink for lunch. Possibly close to the central station or the Old Town.


Vienna, Austria

I’ll spend two nights in Wien. Nights, exactly. I plan to come in the evening, do something, and go to sleep. Or do something early in the morning before the bus back home. I love walking the streets, and I’m not a fan of museums, so I’m not bothered by that. An LGBT club is also an excellent way to spend time.

Can you recommend me anything for that times of the day? Do you know a place with a beautiful sunrise view?


Did you travel to Wien, Ljubljana, or Rijeka? What were your experiences? 

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