Railway station in Skierniewice

Weekend in Skierniewice (Poland)

I have never been to Skierniewice, I’ve always only rode on a train through it. The first time I went there was because of a speculative fiction convention few weeks ago.


Skierniewice is a small (50-thousand-people) town between Warsaw and Lodz. It’s easy to get there by train. It takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the train type.

Most of the time I spent on the convention, close to Puszcza Bolimowska (Bolimow Park). Next time I’ll go to Skierniewice, I’m going to go for a forest walk.

If you want to see how typical Polish small town looks like, scroll down to see the photos.

Photos from Skierniewice

What to do in Skierniewice?

Despite being a small town, it’s a town with history going to several centuries back.

  • See historical buildings (residences, churches).
  • Enjoy bicycle rides through and around town.
  • Enjoy forest walks.

For more activities and information on Skierniewice on Trip Advisor.

Would you go to Skierniewice?

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