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Weekend in Prague

This Friday evening I’m going to Prague for a weekend.

I didn’t do much research except finding an overnight bus (Ecolines) and hotel (Union) in Prague 2. If you have read a previous post about Prague, you know I thought about Airbnb or hotel. I decided I want to rest and not deal with people too much. 😀

The little research I did and suggestions from fellow blogger and my friend made me interested in:

  • Kutna Hora – town around 65 km from Prague. The Old Town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Karlštejn Castle around 30 km from Prague.
  • Hradcany – the royal district of Prague with the castle.
  • Vinohrady (gay quarter) and the cafes/clubs there. On Polska (Poland) street, there is a place for gay expatriates and tourists called Prague Saints.
  • Kampa island – a fake city island. Fake but beautiful, as they say.
  • Restaurants by Kristyna: Mlejnice and Lokal.
  • Pub by Kristyna: Beer Museum.

I liked also Kristyna’s post about hermelin (marinated Camembert).  I would like to try it, maybe in Lokal.

Ideally, I rest alone. Spending time in a mass or with other people over time drains me out. But I might even go to a disco, sometimes. Like I went to Vilnius LGBT club. I had fun for an hour or two. 😉 I might not see a lot, I need to rest so I will take it easy.

Relations and photos fresh from the trip will be posted mostly on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, but don’t forget about Facebook page too.

I’m coming back from Prague on Monday morning and go to work. 😛


  1. Hope you are having fun 🙂

    1. I am! More on Twitter.

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