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Weekend Fun at Polish Seaside

I decided on the very last moment to join a bloggers’ meeting at a Polish seaside in the June long weekend. I wasn’t sure of going there, but in the end, I’m happy I did that. Not only I have met great people, learned a bit, but I got to go to a Polish beach. I haven’t been to a beach for a really long time.


It’s easy to get to a Polish seaside. You just get into a train and a few hours later you’re there. I could go there directly from Warsaw, but I decided to take a train going a bit later and change into the direct one in Iława. Strangely enough, I saved time this way.

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Kosmos shopping centre (1st photo) by the central station has just a few shops, hardly anything more than grocery, bowling, restaurant, or a drugstore. The further you go from that uninteresting area, the more interesting the architecture was. Especially around the Old Town area. It was a pleasure to walk around Koszalin.

I have completely changed my impression of this town. At first, I thought it was a boring medium-sized town, but it got better. It is an old town, dating back to the 11th century with plenty of historical buildings. On the 4th photo, there is a building from the 16th century currently serving as the Wedding Palace.

A foreign traveller should be satisfied with all the English historical information found on the streets. I think there were bilingual Polish and English boards about each of the historical buildings or areas.


Actually, in Koszalin there is no seaside, you have to get into a bus and ride for half an hour or so. The buses to the beaches go from the central station.

I went to Sarbinowo, where the bloggers’ meeting has been held. The conference room was just by the beach, so during a break, I couldn’t resist and sneaked out there for a bit.

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Beach in Sarbinowo was quite clean and wheelchair-friendly. New boardwalk (on the 3rd photo) allowed people with bicycles, trolleys, and wheelchairs comfortably go down to the beach.

I enjoyed also walking on the streets. The cafes and restaurants were crowded. Especially those places where you could get fried sea fish (the usual seaside dish) called in Polish smażona ryba or those with ice creams called lody in Polish.

If you’re tired of swimming in the sea or sunbathing, you can also go alone, in pairs, or fours and enjoy a ride on pedal-carts or electric carts around the town.

Have you been to the Polish seaside? Did you enjoy it?

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