Warsaw Old Town (Poland)

Warsaw Old Town
Warsaw Old Town, UNESCO World Heritage from 1980. The only heritage in the world that was almost wholly reconstructed after it’s destruction during the Second World War. © Sam, 2014



In Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. It was taken from the viewing terrace near St. Anna’s church.


The photo was taken on a very sunny and scorching 21st day of May 2014.

What else?

  • Price: 5 zł (regular ticket), 4 zł (discounted for children, student, seniors).
  • Read the opening hours and rules of conduct of the viewing terrace.
  • The Old Town is one of the major tourist attraction in Warsaw. You can just walk, go for an exhibition, concert or do something entirely else. There are lots of opportunities (many of them free), which I will show you bit by bit.

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