Belvedere museum in Vienna

Vienna Winter 2018 in 10 Photos

I have travelled to Vienna, Austria, by long-distance bus operated by Leo Express. I spent there around 24 hours before I took the train to Ljubljana, Slovenia, on my way to Rijeka, Croatia. And I spent some time (a night) on my way back to Poland. Here are the 10 photos from my stay. Are you wondering if I saw the places that sparked my interest when browsing social media?

Vienna Winter 2018

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Yes, I’m also surprised how much time have I spent in the museums looking at art. Usually, I can hardly go to a museum… But here, Belvedere museums (the old and contemporary art) made me entertained for hours.

I was so absorbed in the art, that I haven’t looked for local cuisine restaurant. I ate “whatever Austrian” in a restaurant/pub by the hostel. Never mind it was Tirol restaurant.

My second night in Vienna (on my way back) was about going to the hotel in the evening and going to the bus station (near central station) on the day of the departure. But at least I have walked there on foot to see the city!

Vienna Winter 2018 Recommendations

I haven’t enjoyed any winter-specific activities, so you can use this information for your all-year-round trip to Vienna.

I recommend a trip to Belvedere museums, even if – like me – you don’t like museums too much. I took much much more photos of art pieces, the ones that I wanted to remember about or learn more about the artists. it was just so interesting…

I don’t recommend staying at a far-away hostel (like 30 minutes by a local public transport), it takes too long to get to the central station.

What could you recommend to see or do in Vienna? I feel a bit unsatisfied, so I’d like to go there again one day.

More of Vienna Winter 2018

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