2019 travels summary

Travels 2019 in summary

I didn’t blog much last year cause I had to use most of my time and willpower to fight depression. All I could afford was relaxing for long weekends. And I did. So now, I will show you where I travelled in 2019.

Prague (Czechia)

Travelling to Prague was another of my winter trips to cold countries. I went there with my friend at the end of February 2019 to attend WordCamp Prague. I don’t know Czech that much, but that didn’t stop me.


Łochów (Poland)

Going to Łochów wasn’t even close to discovering a new place in Poland. I have visited the town since I was a kid. It’s close to our summerhouse. Usually, we have family car rides there, but this time I went alone by train.

Łochów might be a small town and doesn’t look like this, but as a town, it has existed since the 14th century. Just like Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. The oldest currently existing buildings are from the 19th century. There is not too much to see there for history lovers, but what is worth checking out is the beautiful Bug Landscape Park area that surrounds the town. And that is the best reason to go there, as you could have already seen in my posts.

Gdansk (Poland)

Once again, I visited Gdansk in May 2019. So far, I didn’t write much about this seaside city. Time to change that!

Below you can see the photo of an eatery with delicious pasta. Moreover, it’s just across the street from the central train station in Gdansk!


Don’t tell me you expected a historical building. 😉

Skierniewice (Poland)

My first time in this town. It’s not far from Warsaw, and it’s easy to get there by train. Yet, I didn’t go there earlier. What a pity! I wholeheartedly recommend a visit there. It has a range of activities for urban lovers, bicycle lovers, and for nature lovers. Read more about Skierniewice on my blog.

Plock (Poland)

I wouldn’t go to Plock for another 10 years or so if it weren’t to attend the first Plock Pride. The train connection between Warsaw and Plock is terrible – you can’t go there directly.

We were so time-tight that I didn’t do any sightseeing except for the tour-the-city during the march.

Krakow (Poland)

I was twice to Krakow in 2019. I went there in May to attend SerialCon (TV series convention) and in August – for
ConFiction (popular culture convention).

Lodz (Poland)

Once again I went to Lodz in November. I was heartbroken that my favourite spot with African dishes in Off Piotrkowska has been closed. But with my friend (this time we went for WordCamp Poland) we have explored more of the vegan side of the city. Including a vegan Asian restaurant in a walking distance from central station.


Where did you travel to in 2019? Have you been to any of the cities I mentioned?


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