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Travel Theme: Outdoors

I found a weekly travel themes series for bloggers. Every week (Friday) there is a new theme, on which you should write a post. This week’s (still) is about outdoors.

I live in Warsaw, capital city of Poland, spend most of the time here, so let me present my favourite outdoor places here…

Warsaw is green

Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is also the greenest city in Poland. Parks (also with ponds), forests and nature reserves can be found in Warsaw. Forests alone consist almost 14% of Warsaw. In most of Warsaw parks, you can sit anywhere you want, even on grass.

Park Moczydło

One of the three parks that are close to my home. I like it the most because it’s the most varied – or universal – park of the three: it has hill (in winter used for skiing/sledging), ponds with ducks (and bridges!), bike route (you can easily go to Lasek na Kole from there), children playgrounds, open air fitness. On Sunday morning to noon there is a bazaar just right to the park.

If it starts raining… there is one restaurant in a park (near the slope), but I’ve never went there. Several minutes on foot (in the direction of Wola Park shopping mall) there are some caffes and bars/restaurants.

The closest stops arePKP Koło (for buses), Warszawa Koło (for trains) or Płocka-Szpital (for buses) but several minutes on foot from it.

Lasek na Kole

Lasek na Kole is a small forest connected with park in the Wola district. Good for a picnic, family with kids visit, sport activities. Just be careful, the rail tracks, crossing the forest, are still being used! It’s also close to a fort (on the other side of the street).

Unless it rains heavy, you can try to take cover in the forest. The closest bars/restaurants are probably around the tram stops. I know one close to the Deotymy tram stop.

The closest stops are: Lasek na Kole (for bus nr 186) and Majakowskiego (for trams) one of several stops along the Obozowa street (and the forest) but you have to walk a bit. I usually walk there on foot, but you can also ride a bike, using the bike route from Górczewska street (close to Park Moczydło) along the fast lane.

Ogród Saski

Saski Garden (Ogród Saski) or Park Saski is one of the oldest parks in Warsaw. One of the tourists attractions, The Grave of the Unknown Soldier (Grób Nieznanego Żołnierza) with the eternal flame and soldiers guarding it (changing every hour, with special change at 12:00) is right there. If you happen to be in Warsaw on 15th September, when we have the Polish Army Day, be sure to go there. There will be a presentations of all the units in front of President of Poland, the head commander of army and more attractions for big and small.

I love the park for the fountain, the pond, always changing flower carpets along the main road, the lovely baroque statues and sun clock. The park is also a part of Fryderyk Chopin (famous Polish 19th century compositor) route in Warsaw. There is a playground for kids too. If it will start raining suddenly, on the other side of the road, there are two museums: Zachęta (fine arts) and Etnography Museum. I recommend both.

The park is located close to the Old Town in Warsaw, it’s in the city centre near the Metro Ratusz Arsenał (underground station for M1 line) and a transport hub for many buses and trains (Plac Bankowy).


Can you recommend any parks in your town? 


  1. Nice post! Parks are so important 😀

    1. Thank you. Yes, I think so too. What about parks in your neighbourhood?

      1. Well, if I were to talk about Winnipeg (where I’m from) I would recommend Assiniboine, Stephen Juba and Munson Parks. Living in Yongin, South Korea, there are lots of nice green areas I don’t know the name of 😀

        1. The parks you mentioned looks great. Thanks 🙂

  2. I couldn’t live without trees or some sort of greenery. 🙂

    1. Me neither, but I’m still a city-lover. 😀

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