Borobudur relief

Travel Theme: One Colour

This week’s travel theme requires a monochromatic photo. I rarely do such photos, mostly landscapes or architectures. I’m using wide lenses, so a chance for monochrome photo is rare. Also, the rare mostly-one-colour photos I made lately, I have already posted. Or similar.

Choosing a photo for this week wasn’t easy. But I found a solution!

It’s not fully one-colour, but that’s understandable given the photographed place is over 1000 years old. In Indonesia. Can you guess what’s this place?


Borobudur is a 9th century Buddhist temple in Central Java province, near Magelang. It’s easy to get there by bus from either Yogyakarta, Surakarta or the capital of Central Java – Semarang.

Borobudur has 2672 relief panels… Here are some of them. It’s nice to get a tour guide there, (s)he will explain the ideas behind some of the reliefs.

Did you visit Borobodur? What did you think about it? Or do you plan to go there?

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