Traditional or Modern Japan?

Which Japan you like more? Traditional Japan or Modern Japan? What is more interesting for you? I got some interesting answers on Facebook like “ramen” or “okonomiyaki”. Yup, the food is most important! But I prefer udon and tempura. 😉

I can’t choose between traditional and modern Japan. I love them both. I would pick a mix of tradition and modernity. Some would pick both. Some would pick just tradition.

What would be your answer?


  1. It’s the way the japanese mix modernity and tradition harmoniously that I love about Japan. In the morning you spend some time in a temple or a traditional garden, practice karaoke on your own for a few hours, go to a starbuck with a view, go shopping for stationary at LOFT, buy an omamori in a shrine on the way before an evening with friends. I think it appeals to the different aspects of our personalities and also our different moods. I also like how Kyoto has some modern aspects like the Kyoto Tower and Tokyo has old places like Asakusa ^^

    1. I love the mix of modernity and tradition too but I didn’t think about such an explanation. Sounds great. 🙂 You made an interesting point about personalities and moods. Somehow for my personality Tokyo feels better. 😀

  2. I noticed this even in 1980. Still it is the same. The first thing that attracted me to Japan was the ritualistic processes of daily life.

    1. Can you give us some examples?

      1. Let me see . . .
        The way shoes were removed . . .specifically the way women removed their shoes backward and then would bend down to physically turn the men’s. The greetings for comings, goings, and at meals. The bathing– elderly first of course. Radio exercises at the local park or temple. The way women watched the men’s glasses and ensured they were topped off. The placing of food on the altar for worship of the dead. Always starting letters with a note about the weather before moving on to more important topics. So many things such as these attracted me.

        1. You are very observant. That sounds great and actually make me think about the daily rituals elsewhere. I’m already starting to think if I could make a list of daily rituals like these in other countries. Thanks for inspiration!

  3. I’ve never been there, but I dream about going and I’ll take a bit of both please.

    1. I hope you will go there. That was my dream too. Now I dream of coming back. 😉 I’ll write a post or two soon about the mix of tradition and modernity, I think. Or about a tradition and modern on its own. Or all of them. 😀 First, about the lecture.

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