Toukaisou's room

Toukaisou Ryokan in Tokyo

What is the traveller’s home during travels? Inn, hotel or whatever place you’re staying in. Isn’t it? But not all the places feel like home. I found one during my travels through Japan. Right from the start, from the day I arrived to Tokyo.

I have found this traditional inn (ryokan) called Toukaisou (東海荘) in the Internet. I just had to go there to enjoy my stay in Tokyo. It’s easy to get there, unless you’re like me and have the “getting lost” special ability.

Was it the helpful staff that made me feel at home? Was it the fact that I spend there my few first nights in Japan? Was it the fact that it was my longest stay during the trip? I’m not sure, but surely I’ll stay there again. And next time, I’ll do the sightseeing of Asakusa in kimono the ryokan offers.


Toukaisou inn is located in the Asakusa area, full of historical sights and sightseeing places. It’s located near to the Sensouji temple.

The address for the hotel is: 2-16-12 Nishiasakusa Taitou-ku Tokyo 111-0035 Japan. Nishiasakusa is the Western Asakusa region, and Taitou-ku is the name of municipality in Tokyo, where the Asakusa district belongs.


I stayed there from 15 to 18 September 2011.


If I remember well I stayed in Double Room for the price of Single Room, 4.500 yen per night, which was 18.000 yen in total. Breakfast not included.


Facilities in the room include: Japanese-style bath, separate toilet, air conditioning (necessary!), cupboards, TV, Wi-Fi internet. There is tatami floor but unfortunately no futon.

Did you get any “feels like home” feeling while travelling? Where was it?


  1. Looks like a pretty cool place and the price really isn’t bad at all!

    1. Yeah, it was. Thanks for visit!

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