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To Prague!

I decided to follow recommendations of Kristyna and my irl friends to go to Prague, the capital city of Czech. Just in the beginning of February. Unfortunately, the book fair is in April. I will need to find another event.

I’m totally hating research for now. I read some posts but not exactly paying mind to the suggestions. I’m too tired to plan my trip so I’ll just use local tourist information in Prague.

I’m not a fan of e-books but I have bought myself e-books of Czech authors translated into Polish. The info on English translations is based on Goodreads (which doesn’t show always the actual status but…)

  • Josef Skvorecky Scherzo capriccioso coverJan Němec – Dějiny světla. No English translation.
  • Petr Šabach – Opilé banány. This one is actually about Prague in the 80s. I used to play on a carpet hanger too. That was a popular plaything in the 80s and 90s in Poland. No English translation.
  • Jan Balaban – Kudy šel anděl. No English translation.
  • Egon Hostovsky – Nezvěstný. No English translation of this book, but there are some of his books translated into English.
  • Kateřina Tučková – Žítkovské bohyně. No English translation.
  • Josef Škvorecký – Scherzo capriccioso. There is an English translation! It’s called Dvorak in Love. But the cover is from Czech edition.

I’ll probably go with a long-distance bus to Prague. The flights are too expensive. I’m not sure about staying in a hotel or private room reserved through I just know I don’t want to share a room. 😀

All suggestions for Prague are welcome. 


  1. I think you’ll like Prague! I understand why i loved it the first time I visited because I am not from Europe. But even my boyfriend who is Polish and used to the old towns and all the classic European architecture seemed to have been impressed by the beauty of Prague. I even like the tourist spots in Prague because they’re so pretty. Just walking around and exploring would be a great idea but since you’re going in February, I guess it’ll be a bit harder. Have fun over there and I look forward to reading how you liked the city! 🙂

    1. Why bit harder? 😀 That’s not an issue for me. Most of my trips abroad in recent years in Europe were during winter. 😛 Oslo in January, Vilnius and Riga in February, now Prague. I expect no problems. 😀 Thanks. 🙂

      1. Oh great, so you’re used to it 😀 I prefer traveling in warmer months if I really had to choose because I can spend more time outdoors with no problems, but winter is a great time and a special atmosphere too! 🙂

  2. Hi 🙂 Thanks for mentioning and the link! Here are some tips. My favourite restaurant is Mlejnice, it´s very close to the Astronomical clock on the Staroměstské square. I´ve also heard good things about Lokál. The beer museum is popular as well, I think there are more nowadays as well.

    For one-day trips, I´d suggest Kutná Hora (town) or Karlštejn (castle).

    1. Sounds great. I was thinking about castle or Karlove vary. I’ll dig into it. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

      1. I´ve never been to Karlovy Vary, so I can´t help you in this. I´m sure there´s plenty of information online, though 🙂

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