Opera House in Bayreuth.

The Birthday Challenge: Worth Seeing!

For The Birthday Challenge’s Wizard theme I will show you a place I think is worth seeing. It gets recognition already, like in this post called The 12 Most Romantic Small Towns in Europe by World of Wanderlust. This time it’s not about Poland (sic!).

I visited several towns in the region, so I can tell you that the region is worth a visit. But I will especially show you a small town, with a bit over 70 000 people. Although I didn’t spend there too much of a time, I think that Bayreuth in Bavaria should get some recognition.

If you’re a fan of Richard Wagner, 19th century German composer, you might have heard of the town. This is the place of Bayreuth Festival, playing Wagner’s pieces.

If you aren’t a fan of classical music, it’s still worth to go there. I just enjoyed the town. Sure, I was the most interested in the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth a UNESCO World Heritage site. But it’s more than that. So far I showed you just interior of St. George’s church in Bayreuth and its exterior. Here are some more photos.

I haven’t seen enough in Bayreuth (I was very tight on time!), so I’d like to definitely go there again.

What place would you recommend for others to see?

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