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The Birthday Challenge: Thanks!

The Birthday Challenge comes to an end. The last post is about people I met during my travels. I’m grateful to you all.

Thank you:

  • my friends who showed me around your cities or gave suggestions of events/places
  • various local people who told me onsite what should I see
  • workers of Japanese tourist information who booked my hotels and suggested things-to-see
  • employees of tourist information elsewhere who answered my questions
  • my friends who helped me with various daily activities like renting a room, a scooter, etc. in Indonesia
  • my friends who took me to and helped me climb Mount Merbabu (without you I wouldn’t be able to do this)
  • my friends who made sure I wasn’t alone in an Indonesian hospital
  • the old man, whoever you are, for giving me a drive to Genbudou (Japan) so I didn’t have to walk 5 km on foot (and he was going in another direction)
  • the old drunk man who took my photos in Osaka
  • everybody else who gave me directions during travels or helped in any other way

Also, thank you my dear readers and fellow bloggers for inspirations.

And thanks to The Shopping Sherpa from Flickr for the featured photo. 🙂



Who would you like to thank and for what?

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