Mt. Merbabu, Indonesia.

The Birthday Challenge: My Achievements

For The Birthday Challenge’s Pride theme, I present you two of my greatest achievements so far.


In May 2013, I have got to the top of Mount Merbabu, the highest mountain I have ever hiked. The triangulation peak is at 3145 m.  I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the friends that were there with me. We were going in rain, I had problems with breathing. But I survived this and got to the top and down in one piece.

In February 2016 I visited alone LGBT clubs in Riga and Vilnius. After years of not going to a club, I have went alone to two clubs. I had a chat in club in Riga, and I danced in club in Vilnius. For me it’s a big accomplishment, as I’m scared of masses of people and going alone to a club I’m feeling out of a place. My preferred social mingling way is spending time with close friends (if I have to spend time surrounded by people ;)). I survived it and had a great time. Another accomplishment is that I went for dancing after doing 15 km of walking that day.


What are you proud of?

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