The Birthday Challenge: Hometown Memories

Actually, hometown memories post about my childhood memories related to my hometown is difficult for me. I don’t remember much from my childhood.

Cam from inspired me to write something more about food on my blog… So I’ll write a bit about the food I ate and the drinks I drank during my childhood. It’s not exclusive to Warsaw, but I lived in Warsaw and enjoyed them here. I’m already 30+ so these are the 80s and 90s memories.

Food from my childhood

Warm ice-cream

A Polish snack "ciepłe lody" (warm ice-cream).
Photo by SpiderMum CC-BY-SA 3.0

Polish name is ciepłe lody which can be translated as warm ice-cream. It’s a sweet marshmallow in a wafer, sold and eaten at room temperature. The shape and flavour may vary. You can still buy it at some bakeries or confectioneries. It tasted better when I was a kid, now it’s too sweet for me. 😀


Oranżada w proszku (sherbet) was usually eaten.
Oranżada w proszku (sherbet) was usually eaten.

Polish name is oranżada w proszku (powdered orangeade). Actually, this powder should be used with water to create a drink. But…! Most often we were just eating the powder. You should see our faces after that, it was sour! Actually, you can try it for yourself, when you come to Poland. It’s still being sold.

Drinks from my childhood


An orangeade which we actually drank. ;)
An orangeade which we actually drank. 😉 (C) by

It was an orangeade in a plastic bag (oranżada w woreczku) drank with a straw. Oranżada came to Poland in the 18th century, imported from French cuisine. The original ingredients were water, sugar or syrup and orange juice. Now, of course, since it’s mass produced, the things have changed a bit. Those in plastic bags weren’t carbonated. Now you can buy a lot of carbonated oranżada in bottles. Sold at every shop.

Those aren’t, of course, all the tastes from my childhood, but I think it’s a nice introduction. I wrote about those that aren’t as popular now as they were in the past. You will often hear that “earlier things tasted better” and that the taste is different. But maybe it’s just a nostalgia filter. I’m not sure, are you?

What are the food and drinks from your childhood? You can comment or write a challenge post. 


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  4. Sam,

    It’s cool to see these unique childhood treats from Poland, I’ve been a few times but will have to try these next time. From my own childhood I remember these little chocolate candies that were covered in a green mint. Those really take me back to being a little kid. Thank you for the shout out!

    Na zdrowie!

    – Cam

    1. Chocolate candies with mint? Sounds great, would like to try that. I loved plum in chocolate cover candies. I still love them and ofc you can still buy them (ask for śliwki w czekoladzie). You should try that too. Just make sure you’ll get śliwki nałęczowskie. Cheers!

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