Stotis station, Vilnius

The Birthday Challenge: A Funny Situation

For the Funny theme of The Birthday Challenge, I would like to tell you about a situation that happened in Lithuania.

I scheduled book fair in Lithuania for the morning of my departure day (at 15:30 or sth). I was supposed to go from LITEXPO (far from centre) to Stotis, the main station for buses and trains. I left a bit after 14:00, I think. I asked how to get to the bus stop in the direction of Stotis, and went as I was directed. I saw the bus with a plate “(some name)  STOTIS” so I just asked for the ticket and sat. I haven’t recognised the way, but hey, I came with a different bus.

But I arrived somewhere even further than the place where I started my journey. I went in the wrong direction. 😀 And I had only 45 mins to get back to Stotis. I began discussing with the bus driver how do I get there asap (he preferred speaking Polish to English), and he was blaming me I was careless (no time to argue). Tried to ask a local for a taxi stop around here but she didn’t know, and she couldn’t (?) make a call. She told me to get on a bus that was arriving at the bus stop (another line) and go to the main road and look for a taxi stop. I went with two different busses at the end (listening to people’s direction), watching the clock every few seconds and when I thought that I wouldn’t make it, I saw a taxi stop by the bus stop. I had 10 or 15 mins for my bus to go off to Warsaw. I was like “man, go quick to the Stotis international bus stop, my bus is leaving in 10 mins!!!!”

We arrived 5 mins before the departure time. I was saved. And the bus came late to Stotis. 😉

Moral of the story: triple check. 😉


What was your funny situation while travelling?

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