National Library in Riga

The 2016 Summary

What happened in 2016? Time to look back.

Travels Abroad

I have gone abroad to two countries at the end of February. One neighbouring country and one neighbour of the neighbour, meaning Lithuania and Latvia. I went there mainly for the book fairs. Overall, Riga was more impressive, but Vilnius Book Fair was bigger and better. I still have to go to Tallinn, Estonia. The bookfair is in April, maybe I’ll go there then.

I have travelled solo to Riga and Vilnius by long distance bus.

Domestic Travels

In the past year, I went solo to several Polish cities. Just one time to Katowice, and more regularly (for business) to Łódź and Mińsk Mazowiecki.


The major city in Silesia region and Silesia province. The best way to go there from Warsaw is to ride the train.


One of the major Polish cities, around 130 km from Warsaw. Went there by train.

Mińsk Mazowiecki

A mostly forgotten town in Mazovia region. Served by local Mazovia region trains.


Where did you travel in 2016?

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