Youth Pledge Day event

Teachers Everywhere

Today (14.10) is the Teacher’s Day in Poland. We thank our teachers for their support.

I had a lot of teachers. I went to two elementary schools, to a high school, and I attended two universities. I still remember some of the teachers and how they influenced my life.

I’d like to thank my Indonesian teacher, who was my mentor in UNS too. That is a great lady. May she be blessed and feel loved every day. I have also met great teachers in Indonesian schools, where I had English lessons with students. The photo is from the elementary school event for the Youth Pledge Day (28.10) in Indonesia. The teachers are wearing white&blue patterned shirts.

But teachers aren’t only the people who work as teachers. Teachers are all the people who share their knowledge and support you. I have the teachers among my friends. They teach me various things from language and culture to just a way of living. Those children were my teachers too. I have learned things from them also. All my students teach me something new. Every day I learn new things. Sometimes on my own, sometimes I get taught.

I know how demanding is the job of a teacher. Or I think I do. So it’s important to stop, think and thank those people. And thank others who influenced your life.

Thank you. Thank you all.

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