Bug Landscape Park


I have visited my favourite place last week.  The forests and river close to Bug Landscape Park near Kamieńczyk. This include the Liwiec river valley on the other side of the road. My grandparents have a summerhouse in the area.

I usually go there with a bus from Warszawa Wileńska in direction of Łochów/Sadowne. The trip for me lasts about 1h and costs 12 zł. My grandpa comes to pick me up with a car to get to the house.

This time I included some artsy photos. The place is just so beautiful and inspiring. All the effects were originally made with the settings on my Olympus camera. Some photos are made with my LG phone.

Bug Landscape Park

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Liwiec river valley


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I love the forests and rivers. And you? 

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  1. These images have deep breath and much of space. Photos of details bring an impression of of some..jungle in the middle of Europe

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