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Suggestions for Vilnius/Riga?

I’m going to Riga (Latvia) and Vilnius (Lithuania) for few days in the end of February.

My major goal is to attend:

In each of the cities I’ll spend around 2 days. I think 1 day for a book fair is ok, the other day I can use for something else. Do you have any suggestions for places to see, things to do or food/drinks to taste?

Do you have any website (not necessarily in English) that lists some free events to join? I loved Where in Oslo‘s photography tour.

I don’t have to see and do what all tourists must do. If it’s a place frequented by locals but no so much by tourists, all the best. If you really think that I should see something “iconic” then share it as well. I love parks, I was thinking maybe of going to some cemeteries. If you can suggest an LGBT place, it’d be great too.

Thanks for the info.


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