Cairo bazaar

Suggestions for Egypt in January?

My next trip is half-planned already. After a year of weekend trips (half a week at best), I’ll finally be able to get out for a whole week. And… I’m going to the country I have never been to before – Egypt! That would also be my first time on the African continent.


My plans so far:

  • First and foremost, I’m going to enjoy the Cairo International Book Fair, one of the biggest book fairs in the world. A significant book fair for the region.
  • I plan to enjoy EgyCON too, a Japan-centered one-day festival.
  • I want to travel to Alexandria, and Port Said for one-day trips.


I have to be aware of eggs/milk/mayo (no matter how unlikely it can be the last one). I found a lactose-free bakery in Zamalek – Seasalt Bakery. Can you recommend other places to eat?


Do you have any suggestions for places to visit, things to do, cuisine to try? 

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