Suggestions for a new direction?

The travel bug is bugging me too much… So I should go for a new trip soon (beginning of February).

Do you have any suggestions for me? I’m interested in:

  • a place I haven’t been to yet. Excluded are: Oslo, Opava (Czech), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Riga (Latvia).
  • a place somewhere in Europe or close to it so I can go there just for few days (weekend/city break?).
  • a place where I won’t go bankrupt 😉
  • ideally a place and a date with some lovely cultural event (not necessarily in English).

I would like to go to Tallinn in April and/or Helsinki for Worldcon so those directions are out now. I can go by train or plane. My starting point will be Warsaw, Poland, but don’t worry about that too much. 😉

Any suggestions?


  1. Hi, I went through your Travel Notes category and I didn´t see any posts about Prague. Have you been there? That would be my tip. It´s a good destination for a few days, prices are fine and there is always something going on…

    1. Hi, I was in Czech as a kid but I don’t remember if we went to Prague. Lately, just in Opava. Do you have any place you recommend to see?

      1. In Prague or some other places? The centre of Prague is quite compact, so you will find nearly everything in a walking distance. The public transport is efficient and reliable as well.

        1. Mostly in Prague. I might spend one day outside Prague but nothing too far from Prague public communication/trains.

  2. Racibórz again? By the way, I’ve heard that the Prague is superior (more beautiful) even to Vienna.

  3. By the way, did you know that we are going to celebrate 800th birthday of my hometown soon?

    1. No, good to know. That would be a nice chance to meet. 😉 I haven’t been to Vienna yet so I won’t be comparing them. 😀 Besides, Warsaw is the best anyway. 😀 Cheers.

  4. Hm for weekends there are flights from Warsaw, I flew to Bruges, Copenhagen, Athens all in weekend from Warsaw without taking any working days off. For something closer, how about Bratislava? I’ve heard that it’s a neat little city too. And Vienna is very close from Bratislava too.

    1. I’ll remember next time. Thanks for suggestions.

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