Church from Gol, Oslo

Stave Church in Oslo (Norway)

Church from Gol, Oslo
13th century Stave Church from Gol in Oslo, © Sam, 2010.


The church is standing in Norsk Folkemuseum in Bygdøy area of Oslo, Norway.


The photo was made on 30.01.2010.

What else

  • I recommend the whole Folkemuseum.
  • Norsk Maritimt Museum (Maritime Museum), Kon-tiki Museet (Kon-tiki Museum) and Frammuseet (Fram Museum) which are close by each other. I was doubting it, but all were interesting! All are interesting!
  • Vikingskipshuset (Viking Ship Museum).
  • A boat ride through the fiord. Can be cancelled due to weather during winter.
  • A sledge fun at Frogneseteren (close to Oslo, you can go there by train).


    1. Great! I’d love to do that again. Lucky you. 😀

      1. You should do it! 🙂 I will definitely do it again! 🙂

        1. Have fun. 🙂
          I’ll do it when I’ll go to Norway in the winter next time.

          1. Thanks! 🙂

  1. Dark, monumental and in strange way…friendly. Maybe i feel it like that because of look of wood covered by snow. I like contrast between dark wood and bright snow

    1. Thanks. How do you think it’s different from Polish wooden churches?

      1. I Think it’s similar ,especially to architecture from TatraMountain

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