Central Market in Riga

Riga in tweets

How did my travel plans for Riga‘s book fair and travel turn out? It was fun, of course! Below you can see a selection of Riga in tweets, for more see my Twitter account. And don’t forget to read the trip’s summary post: Riga in 10 Photos.

Riga in tweets


The food was great! Here are some things I ate:

It’s worth going to Folk club Ala. Great music, great beer and great food!


There are some drawbacks to Riga.

Those stairs were in the tourist places too. Clubs, restaurants, museums. So that means Riga is rather wheel-chair unfriendly.


But what I loved was the possibility to sightsee on foot! Yes, I have not used public communication at all.



And I’ll make sure to go there on the weekend so that I can enjoy the party in Golden club. 🙂


What were your impressions of Riga? Have you been there yet?


    1. thanks 🙂

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