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Riga and Vilnius Travel Plan

Do I have a plan for my Riga and Vilnius trip?

Well, yes. A bit. I’m overplanning as usual but I have some scheduled parts of program.

By the time you’ll be riding this, I’ll be either waiting for my bus or already in there, or already abroad etc. 😉 Of course I’m travelling solo and trying to get the trip at least on the cheaper side.


Warsaw – Riga by Ecolines bus. Travel time is around 14 hours, luckily some of it is at night, so I hope to get some sleep. Ticket price was 99 zł (around 22 euro).

I’ll be around noon in Riga. I have 1 night sleep at Teddy Bear Hostel Riga at 6-bed bedroom with breakfast for 7 euro.

26.02. (Friday) is the day I plan for the book fair.


I go from Riga to Vilnius with Ecolines too. I bought at their website, the special offer 1 euro ticket from Riga to Vilnius. Travel time is around 4 hours, and I’ll arrive in Vilnius around 22:00 on 26.02.

I have 2 nights booked at Do Re Mi Vilnius Hostel. No breakfasts, each night is 9 euro.

I come back to Warsaw at night of 28.02., after 8 hours trip (with Ecolines). Ticket price was 59 zł (around 14 euro).

Not sure how I’ll be able to update the trip but you can try to find out on this blog, on my TripAdvisor account and/or on Twitter.


Cheers! Have a fun week!

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