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Prague 2017 in 10 Photos

At the beginning of February 2017, I went to Prague for a weekend. A crazy (?) trip in between switching jobs. I took a long distance bus on Friday night, came to Prague the next morning, stayed for 2 days, and took the Sunday evening bus from Prague to Warsaw. I came back on Monday, just in time to have a shower and change my clothes before starting my first day in a new company. Maybe that explains why my plan for Prague was almost non-existent. And usually, I over plan my trips.

Prague 2017 Plans

So what I did? I had fun. 😉  All I managed to do from the list is:

  • having fun in an LGBT club in Vinohrady
  • going to Kampa Island
  • eating hermelin (marinated camembert)

Prague 2017 in 10 Photos


Why are books the first photo? Because that’s the first thing I did – right after I came to town – I bought souvenirs. Shops are closed on Saturday’s afternoon and remain closed on Sunday.

A place that I had hardly enjoyed was Charles Bridge. It’s crowded, so unless you have to see it, it might be better to cross the river somewhere else. 😉

The trip was fun, but I’m in no hurry to come back to Prague. Still, the top priority on my list to re-visit is Riga, Latvia.


Have you been to Prague? Did you like it?

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