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Where to stay in Paris? Le Montclair Hostel review

When I went to Paris (at a time of busy May long weekend), I switched from a hostel to hostel. On the very last night, I finally found the hostel that I enjoyed. I had some adventures with the other hostels where I stayed, so this was a relief to have everything go smoothly. But at least, I got to sightsee Paris a bit every day 😀

Le Montclair Hostel

At the very last night, I arrived at Le Montclair Hostel. It looked exactly as in the photos.


Le Montclair hostel in Paris quarduple room
(C) Le Montclair Hostel

Room type: quadruple room.

Cleanliness: rooms and public spaces looked good.

Staff: friendly, helpful, and had no problems with English.

Location: 18th district, close to the metro station (Jules Joffrin), in an area with shops and restaurants.


If you want some excellent price-and-value hostel, I recommend Le Montclair Hostel. I was in Paris in 2017, but I kept their business card afterwards, so I wouldn’t be having troubles with looking for a decent place to stay next time.

Of course, the hostel now is closed due to Covid-19 quarantine, but I hope they will reopen after it ends.



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