Oslo 2015 – The Trip

I tend to overplan my trips, just in case, but have some top priority points. The same was with my recent Oslo trip.

I’m very happy I came back to Oslo. The city is still as great as 5 years ago. Even more. What did I do?I have managed to do almost my all top priority activities. Continue reading to find out.

If not for the migraine (it rained even before I took out from the plane) which painkillers didn’t stop for few hours, I’d probably do it all. No visit at SO bar, unfortunately. Next time.


My first stop (after buying tickets and visiting tourist information) was Bogstadveien street market. The shops were open, there were the stands on the streets and plenty of people in between them. There was hardly a place to sit in a coffee shop. I ate deer burger (90 nok) with onion and pink sour cream. Not sure now what was the flavour of the sour cream ingredient, but it was good.

The market offered various things: coffee, clothes, blankets, food etc. I sank at some shops, one with DVD and two bookshops. They were open, so after a while I bought myself my souvenir – Per Petterson’s I refuse.

From hostel I went to underground, passing by an annual race, in a randomly chosen direction. It happened to be the campus of Oslo University. It was mostly modern architecture, there were sculptures and a park. Much bigger and more modern from my university’s campus (next year will be 200th anniversary of founding) but I liked it.

Next stop was Vigeland’s Sculpture Park. I agree, you should see that, it was really nice. Earlier I already posted some photos of these sculptures. Perhaps it would look better on a sunny day, but oh well. After that I came back to hostel.


I went for a walk in the morning. Oslo Opera (again) looked great and the view was nice. Next I went to Akershus fortress.

At 13:00 I had scheduled event – Coffee and Photography. I did have a look at the waterfall and went for around 2-km walk along the Akerselva river. I got to know some people, we chatted, took photos.  I didn’t have time to stay for a coffee with everybody, as I had next meeting scheduled soon. On the way back, I passed through Mathallen with the Polish ladies living in Oslo (thanks for the coffee and baguette), whom I met at the event. There is no ATM there, so be careful, but it’s possible to pay with card (at least at some places).

Next on my list was the meeting with friends from Poland living in Oslo. We went hiking from Frognerseteren. I did the Frognerseteren > Vettakollen > Songsvann walk that my friend suggested. I saw the lake only from afar, so next time I’ll just directly go there. The views were great and worth all the time we spent. Especially from the top. At some places there was still snow. I was also amazed at seeing people running (up and down) on the rocky terrain.

That’s all. All I did. It was a great weekend. I know I’ll come back to Oslo again. Mountains (ok, hills), forests, lakes, waterfall everything close from the city centre. Beautiful buildings, not too many skyscrapers. And I’m sure there is still more to discover.

Were you in Oslo? What do you think about the city?

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