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One Year Anniversary

Hello World! It’s been a year since my first post. I published it on 11th May 2014. Thank you for the time, your comments and inspirations. I hope we will keep in touch much longer.

I started my blog around 2 weeks (again, around 26/27th April!) after my visit in Racibórz (Poland) to see friends, and a short trip to Opava (Czech) with them, not so far from the Polish-Czech border.

Due to various reasons, I haven’t been too frequent traveller. I hope 2015 will be much better. I also posted info/photos from my trip to Oslo (2010, 2015), Japan (2011), stay in Indonesia (2012-13) and Berlin (2015). I wrote a lot about Poland, mostly Warsaw (my hometown). There are some post about other Polish cities, and my favourite landscape park (forests) – Bug Landscape Park.

Most of the posts I wrote about Japan and Poland. And, surprisingly for me, about architecture. I always considered myself a landscape lover/photographer, but it looks like I didn’t upload a lot of nature photos to the blog.

Let me show you (and myself) a bunch of statistics.

Most of the visitors in 2014 were from USA, Poland and Indonesia. In 2015 so far it’s Poland, USA and Norway (the Oslo effect!).

I wrote earlier what people searched for to get to my website, it didn’t change much.

The most viewed posts in 2014 were:

The most viewed posts in 2015 were:

  • Early Clouds. A post for two challenges at once.
  • Afloat. Another photo challenge post.
  • Oslo Moves. Photos from Oslo that I made especially for the movement-themed photo challenge.

Strangely, one of the least viewed posts is about… Oslo Opera. I hope that, at least, you will see the Oslo Opera when you go there. It’s worth it.

And now it’s time for travelling around the world… If you’re interested in any place/theme, please use the tags on the sidebar.

TOP 3 cities on the blog:

  • Oslo (Norway) – thanks to the pre-trip scheduling 😉
  • Warsaw (Poland)
  • Tokyo (Japan)

TOP 3 regions on the blog:

  • Mazovia Province (Poland). It’s not only Warsaw, but also Płock or Bug Landscape Park.
  • Special region Yogyakarta (Indonesia). Both region and town are just labelled with Yogyakarta tag.
  • Silesia (Poland/Czech)

TOP 3 islands on the blog:

  • Java (Indonesia)
  • Honshu (Japan)
  • Shikoku & Okinawa (Japan)

TOP 3 countries on the blog:

  • Poland
  • Japan
  • Indonesia

TOP 5 topics on the blog (apart from travel):

  • architecture
  • nature
  • religion
  • trains & transport
  • people

During the year I’ve also joined some challenges, recent photo challenges being most visible. I’m now planning to host a year-long travel challenge, starting from 1st June. I’ll post details soon, but the core idea is: 1 post in 1 month for the topic that is related to travels or information that would help other travellers. It’ll be doable even if you don’t travel outside your country. Would you be interested in the challenge?

Thank you for the support. If you have any suggestions for me to keep the blog interesting for you, feel free to write in the comments. Until the next post!

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