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On My Way for Majowka

This year the long May weekend in Poland (called majowka) started on 29.04. afternoon. May 1 is the Labour Day and national holiday. May 2 is a working day but it’s a day of the Polish flag. May 3 is a national holiday, to commemorate Polish constitution of 3rd May 1791, first in Europe, second in world (after USA) although Poland ceased to exist (was occupied) few years later. So people take some days off and have a vacation.

I should be somewhere around the Polish-German border by the time it’s posted. My majowka (actually just 1 night) will be spent in Bavaria region in Bad Berneck.

This time I go (we go, I travel with dad) to Nurnberg with Sindbad bus then with train to Bayreuth and there we will get a car ride to the destination.

I’m not a fan of this Sindbad line (they merged with Eurobus starting today), I possibly won’t use it again. We didn’t have numbered seats when we were buying tickets so it was messy when people lined up before entering. There were some mistakes with the seat numbers given during check-in to passengers – some were doubled.

We departed 30 mins late because of the check-in.

There is no entertainment center in the seats. There are no sockets under the seats so I can’t use my mobile too much. So it’ll be 13 hours of boring trip.

Until later. Cheers.


  1. Sounds like your time in Poland was quite an adventure.

    1. Not sure what you mean. I’m Polish and I live in Poland. I spend some time during majowka in Germany.

      1. Oh, I thought you were visiting Poland. Didn’t realize you were visiting another country.

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