Snow during Easter in Poland

Nothing Like Polish Weather

Wikipedia has plenty of information on Polish weather. Yet, just a weekend in Poland may prove them wrong. It doesn’t matter when you come— you should always be prepared for rain, the wind, low and high temp temperatures.

Always. Sometimes all of that in one day. So-called “białe święta” (white holidays) meaning “holidays with snow” lately happen rather on Easter than Christmas. This isn’t all that strange— after all, we have the saying “Kwiecień plecień, bo przeplata trochę zimy, trochę lata” which means that April is a mix of summer and winter. Oh, if you could hear all the nagging at cold and snow when that happens. It’s hilarious because it happens so often. Both the nagging and the snow.

Last year, I wrote about my Easter walk:

During my 5-hour walk, there were sun, clouds, rain and even a small hail. Nothing too big to leave me too wet, but nonetheless. It was quite warm too.


It wasn’t that bad during my walk this year. And I was much closer to home. But the sudden wind and snow surprised even me. I didn’t see it coming.

Luckily, I had the best friend out there with me. No matter the time.

Layered clothing.

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