My Travels: A List of Visited Countries and Cities


A glance at the places of my travels. It’s a list (more or less) of most of my travels from 2010 onwards.

For on-the-go stories and photos see my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Asian Travels


A year of life in a cross-cultural mix.

Taman Budaya in Surakarta
Taman Budaya (Cultural Park) in Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia


Fast-paced two weeks across Japan.

Shinkansen train
Shinkansen train in Japan. My main transport for travels around Japan.
  • Where: From Tokyo to Fukuoka. I spent time on three islands: Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.
  • When: September 2011 (2 weeks).
  • Goal: Tokyo Games Show and meeting with friends across Japan.
  • My favourite posts: Morning! Sightseeing!
  • Readers’ favourite posts: On the Way (Japan)
  • Featured Instagram photo: Okayama’s Momotaro

European Travels


24 hours on my way to Croatia.

Belvedere museum in Vienna
Belvedere museum as seen from the park.




Carnival winter fun in a seaside town.

Rijeka Carnival 2018 group of zvončari in fur clothing before parade
Zvončari waiting for the carnival parade to start.



Hlučín Region

A lovely day with friends in a town near the Poland-Czech border.

The Old Towm in Opava, Czech Republic
Opava, a town in Czech near Poland-Czech border.
  • Where: Opava and surroundings
  • When: April 2014
  • Goal: have fun with friends on a Sunday afternoon
  • Featured post: Opava (Czech).


The slow-paced trip focused on the Vltava river.

Vltava river
Penguins on Vltava river glow in the dark. It’s worth a walk to see it.


Streets of Paris with no Eiffel Tower in sight.

Art in Paris Metro
The decoration on Abbesses metro station.




Back streets of Berlin.


A lazy weekend outside and inside Bavaria’s towns.

St. George's Church
The ceiling of St. George’s Church in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany.


Riga on the way to the book fair.

Wooden house in Riga
Wooden house in Riga. Somewhere on the way to the bookfair.


Karaim traces in Trakai and walking the streets of Vilnius.

Trakai Castle
The Trakai Castle.


Oslo 2010

Active winter weekend in Oslo.

Skiing at Frognerseteren
Frognerseteren is a popular place for cross-country skiing also. Downhill skiing isn’t too popular.
  • Where: Oslo and surroundings
  • When: January/February 2010
  • Goal: winter weekend with a friend
  • Featured post: My Oslo Trip in 10 Photos

Oslo 2015

Oslo outside the tourist places.

Akerselva river
Akerselva river and waterfall in Oslo
  • Where: Oslo
  • When: April 2015
  • Goal: solo weekend and meeting with friends
  • Featured post: Oslo 2015 – The Trip


Racing against the time.

Ljubljana 2018




Welcome to Poland, my country. I believe you don’t have to travel far away to explore the world. I’m happy to show you my country. If you’d like to know more before your visit, be sure to read the Travel to Poland posts.

Bug Landscape Park

The most beautiful and inspiring place that keeps me relaxed my whole life.

Bug Landscape Park
Bug Landscape Park: Bug river.


Surprisingly interesting city in a mining and industrial region.

Some things in Katowice come in pairs. A view from the observation deck in the new Silesian Museum.

Lodz (Łódź)

A major Polish city with industrial and cross-cultural history.

Lodz Museum
Łódź Museum by Sam, 2016


  • When: through a year (2016/2017/2018)
  • Goal: business trips mostly
  • Featured post: Hello Lodz!
  • Reader’s favourite Instagram photo: The Unicorn Station

Minsk Mazowiecki (Mińsk Mazowiecki)

Apparently, this average town in the Mazovia region (close to Warsaw) hides the old wooden architecture.

  • When: through a year (2016/2017/2018)
  • Goal: business trips
  • Reader’s favourite Instagram photo: Wooden house

Raciborz (Racibórz)

The 800-year-old town filled with history near the Poland-Czech border.

  • When: April 2014 and April 2017
  • Goal: meeting with friends