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Monthly Travels Challenge: Only Now!

Welcome to the second month of Monthly Travels Challenge. It’s a challenge that will run until end of May 2016. You can join at any time and start at any point of the challenge. We have “finished” the June challenge – discovering the neighbourhood. On 7th July there will be a summary of the June challenge.

July 2015 rules

You have to fulfil all the rules.

  • Write about event that is held only in July. If there is an event starting in June and ending in July, or starting in July and ending in August, it’s ok too. It has to be once a year and held in July.
  • The event has to be open to public (even if registration/tickets are needed).
  • The event has to be annual or if it’s first edition, it should be possible to be an annual occurrence. Any “year of the…” events fall off. National holiday celebrations are ok, even if the celebrations can be different every year.
  • You can write about events you joined in the past (if they’re still running) or an event you have never been to, but you know about it.
  • The event doesn’t have to be English-speakers-friendly.
  • You have to link to the event’s official website (even if there’s no English version) so that anybody who will be interested in participating in the event, can find easily all information needed.
  • Tell your readers that you’re participating in a challenge and link back to this post.

And moreover, whatever you do – have fun!

What events will you recommend?


  1. Sounds like a fun challenge!

    1. Are you in? 😉

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