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Monthly Travels Challenge: All You Can Eat

Welcome to the third month of Monthly Travels Challenge. It’s a challenge that will run until end of May 2016. You can join at any time and start at any point of the challenge.

September 2015 rules

You have to fulfil all the rules.

  • Write a post related to food.
  • You can write about a restaurant, your favourite food, your most hated food, a dish you’d like to try, a strange food but it must be real food eaten somewhere in the world.
  • The idea is to learn about new tastes and be prepared for travels.
  • Tell your readers that you’re participating in a challenge and link back to this post.

And moreover, whatever you do – have fun!

Want to bite something?

PS. Sorry for the late date. Too busy.


  1. I can totally relate to being too busy!

  2. So, thats the one for September now? I am confused with the dates… cause it still says July rules?

    1. Sorry, it’s for September. I was using the July post as a guideline, and ooops… 😛 Thanks for noticing. 🙂

      1. no worries, cheers:)

      2. how do you see that I participate? Is it enough to put the link of the “Rules for…” in my post? I tagged it as well. But how do you keep track on that?

        1. You’ll see soon. 😉

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    1. What a great story. Thanks.

  4. […] is a post collaborated with a Brazilian reader, Marlon Paixão. This post is also part of the monthly travels challenge of September 2015. It is about all you can eat here, there and everywhere! As seen, lots to try in […]

    1. Thanks for sharing. It was great to read it. 🙂

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