M2 Metro Line in Warsaw (Poland)

Opening day of second metro line in Warsaw
Opening day of second metro line in Warsaw


Photo taken on M2 (second line of metro) Świętokrzyska Station in Warsaw, Poland.


8th March 2015, opening day of M2.

What else

Along M2 line there are many places that could be interesting for tourists. For example:

  • Warsaw Uprising Museum (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego), Diving Museum and art gallery are near Rondo Daszyńskiego station (you have to walk or take 1 tram stop to the stop Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego).
  • Museum of Modern Art (Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej) near Rondo ONZ station.
  • National Philharmonic (Filharmonia Narodowa) near Świętokrzyska station. Actually it’s city centre, so there is lot of shops, restaurant, cinemas, theatres etc.
  • Nowy Świat street, dubbed the most expensive street in Warsaw, Warsaw University main campus and a straight way to the Old Town in Warsaw near Nowy Świat – Uniwersytet station.
  • Copernicus Science Centre (Centrum Nauki Kopernik) and Wisła river banks near Centrum Nauki Kopernik station.
  • National Stadium (Stadion Narodowy) a venue for games, fairs and concerts; Skaryszewski Park with ponds and squirrels and old, classy Saska Kępa district with beautiful buildings and lots of places to eat.
  • Catholic cathedral, Orthodox church, ZOO, shopping mall, Mazovian trains and buses and a gate to Praga district near Dworzec Wileński station.

There are only 7 stations of second metro line so far, but every station, as you can see, offers something for tourists. Fare: regular Warsaw tickets.


  1. Hi, how do you find the second line?

    1. Hey. The second line is… so quick… You can hardly get a nap, it ends way too fast. 😛 I like the inside design of the stations, but the outside is… ummm… it looks good at night only. 😉

  2. […] probably in Złote Tarasy near the Central Station), Bookcity (close to Rondo Daszyńskiego, 2nd metro line stop), Bookland (close to Metro Centrum – a hub in city centre) and Co-Liber (Plac Bankowy, also […]

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