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Lost While Travelling

Lost with Maps

I often get lost when I’m travelling. Especially, when I follow the map. A map is an evil thing, leading people astray if you ask me. It’s a bit better with Google Maps. A bit.

I prefer the road signs. They aren’t usually half as bad. Except those in Trowulan, Indonesia. I still remember my problems there. They ended when I found a local guide.

Lost and Asking for the Way

I lived in Solo for a year and I hardly even saw its map. Wherever I went, I knew just the rough direction and asked passersby,  fellow motorbike drivers or police officers how to get somewhere. I think they might be shocked seeing a European driver, asking them questions in Indonesian. Oh well, I had fun and treated it as an adventure.

Here is an example talk with one of my friends:

“Do you know how to get there?”
“Ok. I’ll come to get you/show you the way” (depending if I was still just a passenger or a driver already).
“No, it’s ok. I’ll get there myself. Don’t trouble yourself”
“But you don’t know the way.”
“I’ll find it. You don’t have to trouble yourself”. (Meaning: I’ll trouble the people on the streets, instead).

Lost and I like It

But, I think getting lost during travels is something good. It gives you a chance to get somewhere where you wouldn’t go usually. It’s an exciting way to discover cities. So as strange it may sound, I plan to lose the way as often as possible.

How about you? Are you often lost while travelling? Do you like being lost?


  1. It certainly depends on where you are!

    1. Thanks for the visit.

      Definitely! When I was writing that I thought of certain cities. They were safe even for a single girl walking in the evening. I wouldn’t like to get lost while hiking, in the sea or jungle. Or in a dangerous city… I’m not planning that, for sure!

      Do you have any memories from getting lost?Any adventures?

  2. I have never traveled outside the country so whenever I get lost during traveling I just approach a friendly-looking stranger (most likely a street vendor) and they usually provide good directions.

    When I’m traveling with friends or family, that’s another story. Whenever we get lost, someone almost always loses it and gets cranky for the rest of the day. Haha!

    1. Thank’s for coming by and writing about your experiences.

      That’s interesting what you wrote. When I’m lost in Poland, I always try to ask for a way either an older person, a person with shopping bags or a parent with children in the trolley. I’ve learned that those people are usually walking the streets in their neighbourhood. The vendors probably aren’t from there.

      Loosing? Like in a game? And cranky for the rest of the day? Yikes. Sounds bad. So what do you do then to loosen up the mood?

  3. Hey, I just had the same idea to write about losing something while travelling! I usually lose a “piece of my heart” while traveling, because I enjoy other countries so much that I don’t wanna go home, haha… And I love getting lost in cities that I don’t know, because that’s the way you really get to know them :)!

    1. What a chance. Thinking similarly about topics & getting lost. Nice to see you here.

      I’ve never thought about “loosing a piece of my heart”. But maybe that would explain why I want to visit again the places I already went to. Especially Solo (post: Solo Priority) where I lived. Hmmm… Sounds convincing.

      Thanks for the comment! Inspiring for the next post in the series. 🙂

  4. Always get lost. Never enjoy it at the time. Always look back on it fondly.

    1. It’s true that getting lost can be frustrating.But I hope you’ll get a positive adventure of getting lost and enjoying it at the time.

      Thanks for the visit and comment.

  5. I don’t usually check the blogs of people who like my posts, simply because many seem to be doing it just to get me to follow them. For some reason I clicked on you to find out more and so glad I did.
    I am enjoying your posts and like you I enjoy getting a bit lost and finding hidden places and things. My husband hates getting lost or side-tracked so I have to enjoy it without him. haha

    1. Hello. Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you enjoy my posts. More to come, about Japan too, I hope you’ll find them interesting.

      Hahaha, poor husband. I bet if you get lost together, the situation is stressful for both of you. One of my “getting lost” (in the beginning I had a place to go but I “freely walked” in the end) got me to “beware of thieves” small street in Fukuoka. I tried my luck, nothing happened. 😉

      You must have felt the “I wanna come back later and comment” thought from me. I enjoyedthe post 2 of vacations, in Kamakura. I was there, I have photos from Hachimangu shrine (during a festival), Daibutsu and I wanted to comment on food I ate, but I need to consult my notes, check photos first etc. A busy weekend before me so I didn’t want to forget. The like was used also as a way to easily find that post.

      Read you later. 🙂

      1. Thanks! I had to edit the title so it may have a different link now. Looking forward to your thoughts.

        1. It’s still in my reader, don’t worry.

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