Ljubljana in 10 Photos

One-Hour Sightseeing in Ljubljana in 10 Photos

It was just a transfer city between Vienna and Rijeka, and I have spent 2 hours in total there, but I still enjoyed it. And wish I could see more the next time.

Ljubljana in 10 Photos

My memories from a short visit in February 2018.

[foogallery id=”68974″]


The photos are from the first transfer, on my way to Rijeka. In around an hour I tried the local specialty, burek, I went to the Old Town (as seen on photos above), bought some rolls to eat in the train, and still got a few minutes to spare.

I have no photos from the other visit. I was looking frantically for a book souvenir for myself in places around the central station, but I have failed. There was a bookstore, but they had a general, more kid-oriented books but no local legends and stories I wanted. So, in the end, I bought a regional science fiction magazine (Stripoteka) in a kiosk by the station.

I would love to come back to Ljubljana, at least for a day, and get to know more of this city. And those statues. The whole town feels like it’s run by the Changelings. More photos on the Twitter account.


Have you been to Ljubljana? Can you recommend some sites for me?

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