Soho - lgbt club in Vilnius.

LGBT Clubs for Monthly Travels Challenge

The Monthly Travels Challenge for February 2016 is to write about club. I’m not a club goer, I dislike to be around lots of unknown people. But I decided to go out and have some fun at a club during my trip. This post will be about two LGBT clubs (one is bar & club actually) one in Riga, one in Vilnius.


The bar & club I chose was Golden at Ģertrūdes iela 33/35. I went there during a weekday (Thursday) so what was available was just a bar upstairs. The clubbing space (dance floor) operates only on Fridays and Saturdays.

The interior looks nice, during the weekdays when there aren’t many customers, you can go there to have some chat. The bartender was friendly and we had some chat, the mojito he made was delicious (and it was 9 euro for a big glass). I appreciate all genders inclusive toilets. And I couldn’t take my eyes off from the slideshow of photos from various club events. Nice.

I definitely want to go there during a weekend, one day. I’m not interested in going to XXL.


The club I went to was called Soho. The only LGBT club in Vilnius, apparently. It’s heterofriendly. The club is spacious, with various rooms and also tables allowing for some privacy (you can also make a reservation). The prices were ok, but I just had a small beer so can’t compare the 5 euro mojito with Golden’s. The dance floor wasn’t too big, the music played by DJ Perfuro was to my liking. I haven’t stayed there long, but I had fun. 🙂


What clubs do you like? Share your opinion in the comment. 


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