Let’s go for a coffee, Warsaw (Poland)


Chodź na kawę Warszawo (Let’s go for a coffee, Warsaw) is a new song by Irena Santor, a famous Polish singer. Originally not from Warsaw, but for decades now Warsaw is present in her songs. This music video shows  mostly the Old Town in Warsaw, Poland


The music video was recorded in the beginning of May 2014.


This video (published on 10th July) is said to be her first professional music video during her whole career. I’m happy that the Warsaw and people are its focus. The people portrayed in the video are either long-time stars or the young ones. You could treat this video as a personal recommendation to learn about Polish musicians. Many of them weren’t even born in Warsaw… but that doesn’t matter. Warsaw welcomes everybody.

What else?

  • Warsaw Old Town post will give you other ideas on The Old Town activities.

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