Leo Express to Vienna bus

Leo Express to Vienna

When Flixbus cancelled my day-ride to Vienna, I thought I was in deep shit. I thought I would need to use their partner’s – Polski Bus – services. But when I widened my search, I found Leo Express to Vienna going the night earlier. That was even better because it meant I would spend the whole day in Vienna sightseeing.

Leo Express

Leo Express runs trains in Czech. But they also have long-distance buses serving in the Czech neighbourhood countries plus Hungary and Ukraine.

Leo Express Warsaw Bus Stop

I was a bit confused where exactly is the stop near Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN). It looks like it’s precisely in the same place as Flixbus, Polski Bus, and long-distance Poland buses – the car parking at Marszałkowska St.

From Warsaw to Vienna the bus went through Łódź, Częstochowa, Katowice, Ostrava, Brno.

Leo Express Boarding

I know this may sound naive but given my insofar experiences with other routes I’m amazed we had a quick boarding and timed departure. Great! The stewardess did a good job. In Ecolines to Berlin, you had to show your ID; there was no ID checking here. I just showed my ticket on a smartphone.

Leo Express to Vienna Overall Experience

The small things count, so a free small bottle of water is always a good thing. I had enough leg space even in the economy class seat. There was a Wi-Fi ( but I didn’t use it) and socket under the seat. You could buy some snacks, sandwiches, and drinks.

The minus was lack of running water, soap, and toilet paper in the WC. If it weren’t an overnight trip, I would probably mind the lack of entertainment centre at the seat.

Overall, my experience was good. The staff was friendly, there were no delays, and it was on time.

I could use them next time.


What is your experience with Leo Express to Vienna or other cities? 

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