Koluszki station

Peek at Koluszki (Poland)

Koluszki Station connects three major cities: Warsaw, Łódź, and Katowice. If you want to travel from Łódź to Katowice (like me), there is a tiny chance for the direct train. But, you can get there faster with a transfer.

What kind of place is it, anyway?

Koluszki Town

I was wondering about that for a long time, looking out through the window. Eventually, I got out of the train and decide to check it out. I got to see both sides of the town, even if the photos don’t reflect that.

The first thing I did after leaving the station, in a random direction, was checking out the maps. Then, I got some snacks to keep me up for the next few hours. And finally, I was ready for the walk! I walked along a forest, walk through the almost-out-of-town gas station to visit a local library because my mobile died and I had to use the Internet. Of course, I wasn’t lost, I just took the long way to see more of the town!

Anyway, I got to the library. My luck has run out as only one of the three computers was working. And that one was used. So we shared. I managed to contact my friend and charge the phone.

Then, why there are no photos from the other part of town? Because, as you could suspect from a bibliophile, I just barely got in time to the station.


Overall, it seemed to be just one of many small towns in Poland. No hidden gems were waiting around the corner. But in my opinion, it’s still better to sit in the park or to have a stroll instead of just waiting at the platform.

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