Katowice Trip July 2016 (Poland)

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you already know that I have gone to Katowice for a weekend, you also read some of my impressions and saw some photos.

But it’s time for more! More info, more photos and recommendations.


On the way to Katowice: I went with an old TLK train (one of the express-type trains in Poland). Really old. Dirty. And crowded. People were standing or sitting in the corridors (it was a compartment coach, the most standard in Poland). It’s not the common sight nowadays and I was surprised to see it on Friday morning, moreover in the Katowice direction, which I thought isn’t too popular. Must be the summer vacation. Or so I think. The ticket was around 55 zł (around 12-13 euro).

On the way to Warsaw: I went with new IC (InterCity) train. New, clean, with sockets under the seats. I was sitting in a coach without compartments. During the trip, we had a problem with electricity so the train was delayed by 10 mins and it stayed that way until Warsaw. The ticket price was similar to TLK. Go figure.


I was in Jopi Hostel (at Plebiscytowa 23). The hostel was nice, the service was nice, the location was good (close to the city centre but on the other side of the railways) but in the end, I don’t recommend it. The area isn’t  too safe, as I heard from a local, and he told me not to wander around there in the middle of the night. Lots of nightclubs and alcohol selling shops there too. Brrrr.


The first look at Katowice wasn’t too impressive. Let’s be honest, I didn’t like it at all. It’s ugly.

But it gets better.

The symbol of Katowice is Spodek (English: Saucer) a place which hosts various events, concerts. Too bad that I got to know about the free guided tour in Spodek as a part of city’s summer activities too late (you need to register by email, the number of guests is limited). Maybe next time.


Here are some photos from Katowice. There are many events and things to do, I haven’t checked many of them because my priority was meeting with my friends and then sightseeing. Katowice is a major city in coal mining region. Generally Silesia = mining & miners.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really had a great time there, with my friends and sightseeing. I want to go there again. See more and do more.

I had a unique experience in there, but I will save that for another post.


Would you go to Katowice?


  1. I now want to go to Katowice.

    1. I hope you will be able to do it, one day. 🙂

      Have a nice day.

  2. Picture of Spodek looks very futuristic – like ilustration of some SF story – and a little like Noah’s Arc under that extraordinary sky. I like the light

    1. Thanks. That’s an interesting though, maybe we should write a story with it? 😀

      1. Katowice drowning in water and Spodek as an Arc? Hmmmm..interresting idea, we could try^^

  3. […] you want to go to the observation deck (and see this installation) go to the new one. Check out the Katowice trip post to see the buildings of Silesian […]

  4. hehe, Plebiscytowa Street can be “interesting”… 😉 I hope you enjoy the city! Did your friends take you to Mariacka Street?! That’s a place to go! I aslo recommend a trip to Ruda Slaska, where you can go inside the mine!!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I will try them another time. I haven’t been to Mariacka Street, I think. I did enjoy Katowice a lot. That’s why I want to go there another time. Cheers.

      1. Let me know in advance and I put you in touch with my friends and they’ll take care of you = hangover 😀

  5. Yay!! That’s my home town 😀 Did you enjoy the city?

  6. Also, stop-by our blog, we’ll probably blogging about it soon !

    1. Sure. Thanks 🙂

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