Rotunda PKO in Warsaw

July 22

22.07.1952 is quite a meaningful date in Polish history. It’s designed as the constitution of the Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa (PRL) or Polish People’s Republic (1952-1989) when Poland was a satellite state to Soviet Union. During PRL this day was special, for example new buildings were opened on this very day (like the Palace of Culture and Science which turned 60 this year). E. Wedel‘s (first Polish chocolate factory) name was changed into 22 lipca (22 July). If you’re in Poland, you can still try E. Wedel‘s chocolates or hot chocolate – they have also shops in shopping malls, for example in Złote Tarasy, close to the Central Station.

So, this photo will be about one of PRL’s buildings, but as far as I know, it wasn’t completed on 22nd July.


Rotunda PKO in Warsaw
Rotunda PKO (Polish Bank) in Warsaw, Poland. The guys are riding rented Veturilo (city bike) tandem bicycle.


In the city centre of Warsaw, close to the Metro Centrum underground station and several bus, tramways stops and not so far from local trains station (Warszawa Śródmieście) and one stop from Dworzec Centralny (Warsaw Central Station). That’s why it’s one of the popular Warsaw meeting points.


The photo was taken on 26.07.2015.

What else

  • Palace of Culture and Science with panorama terrace on 30th floor is a PRL building.
  • Plac Konstytucji with MDM apartments in socialist realism style – finished on 22.07.1952 – is close by.
  • Cepelia shop which sells traditional/folk Polish crafts like Bolesławiec pottery. Great place to buy nice souvenirs.
  • Many shops around: just close to Rotunda there are several clothes chain shops (H&M etc.), Empik (books, media), coffee shops, fast foods (Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut), bars and restaurants with mostly international cuisine. This is unfortunately not the best place for people on gluten-free diet.
  • Dworzec Centralny (Warsaw Central Station) was also built during PRL but today’s look (especially inside) is after renovation.


P.S. I just had to write about 22.07, since it’s also my birthday. And I love the PRL buildings too, it’s part of our history. Unfortunately, a lot of those buildings are being destroyed for political reasons – some people want to eradicate PRL traces. And where comes money… from investors wanting to make a new business, buildings like Supersam are demolished to make a place for new skyscrapers and shopping malls (like Plac Unii City Shopping). :/

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