July is a special month for me.


Some of the blog posts I enjoyed in July:

Social Media

Twitter is my usual choice to share live messages from trips. Like this one:

But I still went to see the panorama which you could see in Katowice post.

And I scan the Twitter looking for inspirations or memories.

Instagram shares my new & old photos from travels. I usually show the photos that weren’t shared on the blog.

There are lots of lovely photos, like this one:

I did write that I’d like to travel to Iceland, right? 😉

Facebook shares discussions, various stuff from The Traveller’s Notes and everywhere else in Internet.

Who knows where this photo was taken?

Opublikowany przez The Traveller's Notes Czwartek, 7 lipca 2016

Do you know where I took the photo above?


I didn't know that BBC had a series of videos from their local reporters around the world. I love this #Kigali #Rwanda…

Opublikowany przez The Traveller's Notes Czwartek, 21 lipca 2016


What do you think I should see on other people’s blogs or social media accounts?

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