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Blogging101 is underway and it’s high time to catch up. All the more I finally cleared Photo101 last week’s tasks.

I have read the tips on using Reader and chose several new topics for it. I added Blogging101 and Photo101, which I didn’t follow so far, browsing only The Commons.

Here are some other topics that I follow.

Do you have any suggestions for reader topics related to travelling? 
With the start of both courses, I have also started following more bloggers. Those that I found in The Commons or those who somehow found a way to my blog. Surprisingly for me, as I don’t have that much interest in food, is that I started following two food-oriented blogs. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time yet to check out all those bloggers who joined my challenge or engaged in another way with me/my blog. Who is your favourite travel blogger and why?

The course also said to identify my readers. I have an idea who would be my ideal reader. I’ll be writing a post for my ideal readers soon… Meanwhile, I would like you to answer me why did you decide to follow my blog? 

Lots of questions, but I hope we will have a nice discussion. Cheers!


  1. As a travel blogger myself, it’s good to be in the know what there is to see in the world. Hence, I follow other travel bloggers like you. 🙂

    1. What exactly are you looking for in the other travel blogs? Is there any “key” to select the travel bloggers?

      1. I don’t really purposely look for anything. If a post interests me, I check it out and check out the blog. Places interest me. So, I guess that’s what makes me follow other blogs. Places that I had been to and would like to go to.

        1. Ah, I see. Thanks. 🙂

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