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I Feel Like… Singing and Travelling

Don’t worry, I know I sing badly so I won’t torture you with my singing. It’s not a vlog, anyway. Some songs and music videos make you wanna go travel. I have three such songs… They make me want to go to very different and far away places in Asia and Africa.

Maryla Rodowicz – Remedium

The song is from 1978; it’s a few years older than me. I heard it again and again since my childhood, but I always remembered just the refrain, roughly translated as:

To get on a train, no matter which one,
Not caring about baggage, not caring about ticket,
Holding a green stone in hand,
And to look how it’s all left behind.

The idea is still very tempting to me. I wish I could do that.

PS. Don’t ask me why she sings about trains but there are boats in the video.


The Boom – Shimauta

A song that for a long time fuels my love for Okinawa archipelago, Japan. I’m not sure now what came first – my interest in Okinawa or listening to this song. I wish I could go there; fly like a bird over the islands… or swim in the sea with fishes. You know, the memorable film-like scene of swimming and diving.

This music video was made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of publishing the song, originally from 1993.

OCN & Jamal – Definicja

A recent song and music video (April 2014). I was charmed by the song and video from the first time I saw it. I looked where it was recorded… And that’s how I added Boa Vista island of Cape Verde to my travelling wishlist. Earlier I have never considered travelling there… Talk about the power of the song.


Are there any songs that made you interested in travelling? If yes, what are their titles?

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