Off Piotrkowska Łódź

Hello Łódź!


On Sunday I go to Łódź. It’s one of the biggest cities in Poland and it lies around 130 km from Warsaw. It’s well known as an industrial city, especially in the clothes industry. Fashion Week Poland will take place in Łódź in November.

I’m going to the International Festival of Comics and Games this weekend.

In my free time, I will write a post about my several recent trips to Łódź. For now, I can show you some photos from Łódź from my Instagram account.


One of the smaller stations in Łódź. It’s called Chojny.


Public transportation in Łódź

Popular places

Piotrkowska St. is the main boulevard of Łódź. Off Piotrkowska is a popular place for meeting with friends, eating lunch, etc.


Have you been to Łódź?

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